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Yves Saint Laurent – In Love Again

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Yves Saint Laurent - In Love Again
Yves Saint Laurent – In Love Again

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In Love Again YSL

Declaration of love to all women, IN LOVE AGAIN is the anniversary fragrance, the first fragrance dedicated to colorful women who love life.

LOVE… Indulge in love.
IN LOVE AGAIN… To marvel again and again with the same freshness as the first time and the awareness of a moment of grace, a marvelous state that must not be allowed to escape.
IN LOVE AGAIN is a dream of love: a sparkling ode that expresses the joy of living, laughter, the freshness of a newfound youth. YSL creates the scent of feelings that sweep you away, of love’s surprise, total and that leaves you helpless, caught up in a vibrant, quivering and soft sensation.

There is this initial thrill, like an upheaval of the senses, created by blackcurrant and tangerine. Then comes the effervescence of green and fruity, almost acidic notes of muscat grapes. The heart is floral, a delicate rose-peony accord. To protect the initial thrill, the subtly fruity and musky base of blackberry reinforces the sweetness of this sensation, perpetuating the joie de vivre and the laughter endlessly.

Woman Perfume

Olfactory Family: Floral – Fruity

Top Notes: Blackcurrant, Mandarin, Muscat Grape.

Heart Notes: Rose, Peony.

Base Notes: Blackberry.

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