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Twilly the new perfume of Hermès

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Twilly the new perfume of Hermès
Twilly the new perfume of Hermès

Twilly, a fragrance halfway between couture and perfumery

The Hermès house is considered to be one of the oldest and most influential brands in Paris. Its history dates back to 1837. However, since its foundation, the notoriety of Hermès has continued to grow. The brand has invested in many sectors of activity. Today, with the Twilly fragrance, it is more about her couture universe associated with that of perfumery. In our opinion, this new essence alone combines the beauty of Hermès silk squares with its unique olfactory know-how. So how about setting out to meet this daring and sassy scent named Twilly ?

Hermès reinterprets its Lanterne bottle for Twilly

First of all, let’s start by telling you about the brand new bottle from the house of Hermès. This one is far from being totally unknown. Indeed, it takes the iconic shape of all the brand’s cases. Twilly is presented in a slender and elegant glass column. This silhouette is directly inspired by the lantern of the horse-drawn carriages of yesteryear. Its transparent base lets us glimpse a very invigorating orange color. This infuses a real dose of good humor. Moreover, orange is often associated with creativity and communication. Here she is the bearer of optimism and openness. Its cabochon, meanwhile, is completely opaque and black. This is an index cap allowing the use of this perfume in splash. However, it can be replaced by a screw-in pump if you want to use Twilly as a spray. Finally, the ultimate fantasy that is important: a self-tie and hand-tied at the collar. The latter is particularly colorful. It underlines all the malice of this bottle and of course recalls the iconic Hermès silk Twilly. Note also that each silk scarf attached to these bottles is a unique piece.

Twilly, a fragrance based on three ingredients

On the scent side, the Twilly recipe mainly revolves around three main ingredients. Twilly begins with a fresh breath of ginger. The essential oil of raw material from India and China is obtained by distillation of its roots, previously peeled and dried. The ginger here delivers a spicy, peppery and somewhat soapy scent. It is then relayed by more femininity. This comes directly from tuberose, a plant whose production is mainly carried out in India and whose start is slightly heady. The tuberose then develops a more honeyed, creamy and warm note. Its scent is somewhat reminiscent of orange blossom or honeysuckle. In fact, tuberose is a classic of heady white flower accords. Twilly finally ends with more sweetness. It is wrapped in sandalwood, a smoky and creamy ingredient whose tenderness is characteristic of oriental fragrances. Everything was created by the exclusive perfumer of the Hermès house: Christine Nagel. The designer confides that she made this juice “by thinking of young girls, by watching them live […] Free, daring and irreverent, they play against the wind, she says, imposing their own rhythm, inventing an unprecedented rhythm”.

The Twilly, a daring little scarf from the house of Hermès

It was in the middle of the 1940s that the Carré Hermès appeared. Not being predestined, at first, to such fame, it nevertheless today displays colossal notoriety. It comes in different sizes, of which the Twilly is one of the smallest. Thus, this couture piece can be worn in different ways and allows all the daring. With it, the possibilities are endless, whether you want to wear it in your hair, close to your neck or simply as a bracelet.

Where does Twilly come from?

The Hermès house is one of the oldest Parisian brands. It was born in 1837 thanks to Thierry Hermès, in the eighth arrondissement of Paris. Initially, Hermès devoted itself to saddlery for horses. Then, over the decades, it came as close as possible to the expectations of a high-end clientele. With the rise of the automobile, Hermès therefore decided to make small scarves to tie around the face. Thus, women were not disheveled when they were passengers in their new cars. Hermès first made a small square of silk 90 cm by 90 cm. The first of them was born in 1937 thanks to Robert Dumas, director of the Hermès company at that time. This initial Carré Hermès was called “Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanches”. However, he is not the best known of all. In fact, the Hermès “Brides de Gala” is today the most famous square in the collection and the brand’s best seller. It results from an exceptional mastery of silk and requires meticulous work of around 500 hours of engraving. Likewise, the color chart used to create Hermès Squares and Twillys contains no less than 75,000 shades. Therefore, you will easily understand that this is an exceptional product.

How to wear the Twilly?

The Twilly Hermès is a descendant of the Carré Hermès. This one made its appearance in the early 2000s and turns out to be highly fanciful. Indeed, it is much thinner than the iconic Carré. Its dimension is 86 cm long and 5 cm wide only. To wear it, Hermès imposes several rules on its customers … The first consists in “not respecting the Square, daring to crumple it, push it aside”. The second rule for wearing the Twilly correctly is to “play, invent, try, let your imagination run wild”. Therefore, it can be worn in a thousand and one ways, following all your desires and your daring. It can be tied in the hair or directly on the wrist. Likewise, it can simply be tied around the neck by letting its two sides hang down. Some women with thin waists also wear it as a belt. Finally, it can also be attached to the handle of a handbag. Likewise, for even more elegance, the ideal is to perfume your Twilly. Indeed, let us note that the Hermès house is also specialized in the manufacture of perfumes …

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