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The look of men according to CHANEL

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The look of men according to CHANEL
The look of men according to CHANEL

The elegance of Chanel through its fragrance Allure Homme

Allure Homme is a fragrance that saw the light of day in 1999. Also, this elegant woody note quickly became a real source of inspiration and many variations will emerge following its release. What is more, it is, even today, unbeatable in the top 20 of male essences. It is both classy and understated, reflecting a look that would be impeccable. As soon as its smell diffuses, it gives off a feeling of cleanliness. Its motto could be “point too much” and its bottle is in this image and does not embellish unnecessary frills. It is therefore a perfect example of the class according to Chanel.

The Allure of Great Men

Allure was first designed for women. This perfume was a great success and has never ceased to sublimate them. Also, this time, Chanel wanted to put her talent at the service of men by creating a male counterpart. Allure is a timeless and above all universal fragrance. Imagine it, Chanel can boast of having targeted 3 billion men. Also, if Chanel has never dressed men, the house and more particularly Gabrielle Chanel, can boast of not having met very influential: Etienne Balsan, Boy Capel, the Duke of Westminster and the Grand Duke Dimitri, Diaghilev, Cocteau, Reverdy, Iribe… Also, whether they are artists, aristocrats or politicians, all these big names have in common that they are men with a strong personality. Their temperament has thus raised them to the top and they are the symbol of men going after their desires. Also, they are the ones who inspired this perfume, both elegant and assertive. It is also for them, to pay homage to them, that Chanel created its perfume. It bears its name magnificently and delights in sublimating men who have Allure, daring and strength.

Chanel imagines a universal smell

Allure Homme plays mainly on two aspects: sensuality and freshness. What’s more, while being light, this fragrance manages to be very tenacious, without becoming heady. Its freshness gives it a feeling of freedom. Also, its top notes are very invigorating and are mainly composed of tangerine from Sicily, bergamot from Calabria and cilantro from the Caucasus. The heart, on the other hand, asserts its character. This is where the determination of the man of power comes in. Allure Homme is then embellished with an accord of pink pepper from Madagascar. Finally, it all ends with the sensuality of woody notes. Atlas cedar is associated with vetiver while Venezuelan tonka bean and labdanum finish establishing its sophistication. The bottle is faithful to the sobriety of Chanel. He is square and very masculine. Its stopper is made of champagne-colored metal, simply signed Chanel. Likewise, his name is displayed in dark tobacco, in a very sober manner. If Allure pour femme adopted beige tones, Allure pour homme became its perfect echo and the two were then a legendary couple.

With the Allure Homme perfume, Chanel gives the male class an indefinable elegance. This perfume is a universal symbol of charisma, serenity and inner strength. This then goes through a fresh, spicy and woody composition which is as elegant as it is balanced.

Allure Homme, a universal essence

Allure Homme is a fragrance that follows his feminine alter ego. Also, it wants to be as universal as its counterpart. After all, who better than Chanel to convey a unique message to 3 billion men who are nevertheless all different? With him, the Allure of man is sublimated. This one appears to be more attractive than ever. Allure Homme gives the wearer a particularly seductive presence and appearance. In order to create this exceptional perfume, the brand was then inspired by all the great men who had rubbed shoulders with Gabrielle Chanel like Etienne Balsan, Boy Capel, the Duke of Westminster, or even Cocteau… C ‘ is a little of the personality and the Allure of each one which seems thus contained in this prestigious juice.

The sensual scent imagined by Chanel

Allure Homme is a fresh and seductive juice. He speaks above all about fulfillment and desires. Also, its freshness displays an irremediable desire for freedom. Allure Homme is both tenacious and airy. He thus enjoys playing on contrasts. Its scent opens with an invigorating accord of mandarin, bergamot and coriander. Then, this set ignites and finds its strength through pink pepper from Madagascar. Likewise, its depth and masculinity are displayed through cedar wood and vetiver. Finally, its wake rebalances the whole with a more enveloping aspect emanating from the tonka bean of Venezuela and the labdanum. This juice thus exudes an Allure as masculine as that of its bottle. The latter is square and stable. What’s more, its champagne hue only emphasizes its very refined side.

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