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Nina Ricci – L’Air du Temps Olivia Putman

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Nina Ricci - L'Air du Temps Collector

Find the most beautiful bottles of Nina Ricci perfumes in miniatures …

L’Air du Temps Olivia Putman

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Heir to the Putman style and a certain Parisian chic, Olivia Putman revisits, for a unique limited edition, the emblematic bottle of L’Air du Temps. Meet the iconic fragrance of Maison Nina Ricci.

“The Air of Time is blue, blue like the sky and the sea which evoke infinity and freedom. Olivia Putman.

Like her discreet elegance, where chic is a simple touch, a je ne sais quoi that makes the object both obvious and sumptuous, Olivia remains faithful to the sobriety of the Putman style and to the affection she has for the figurative impetus of the original bottle.

Nina Ricci – L’Air du Temps Collector

Revisited in deep blue, the bottle is metamorphosed, its intense and sparkling curves shoot out towards the frosted glass doves and take flight.

Olfactory magic, curves and flights of a bottle that has accompanied me for 25 years. First love, first perfume. The man I love gave me the gift of your joyful magic, a living expression of femininity. A femininity that is not a simple matter of stilettos, even when you have a passion for it like me …

Nina Ricci - L'Air du Temps Collector's Case
Nina Ricci – L’Air du Temps Collector’s Case

I love your soft wings and your figurative daring. I choose with love and precision the objects that surround me: among them, your bottle is a masterpiece of know-how.

Through creation, like you, I try to capture the spirit of the times. It is a state of mind, a mystery, a desire for transmission; the will to seize the mood of the moment, to welcome the impulses of youth, to retain the timeless in the fleeting, to put the finger on the invisible.

Great perfumes have this power. They create a wake.

Nina Ricci – Fragrance L’Air du Temps Collector

Dear Air du Temps, you are born in the breath of post-war freedom for these young girls who want to live and love fully. As Baudelaire writes “The scents, colors and sounds respond”. You echo a celebrating Paris, the songs of Juliette Greco, Jazz, the new citizenship of women and their radiant femininity.

Each generation walks in the air of its time. Me too, I experienced the exaltation of an era, the 80s, which drew a new woman, invented in galleries a new relationship to art, to fashion, to the world, and vibrated, in the tumults of the Palace, of conversations and artistic encounters. A great mix of genres, a great effervescence.

You look like happy moments, from everyday to extraordinary. With you and your flowers, I reconnect with my first passion as a landscaper. Your scent architecture is a garden open to my senses.

Mon Air du Temps, you and I have more than common points. We have connections. Also, I respond with joy to your invitation to offer your bottle a new creation.

Nina Ricci - Olivia Putman
Nina Ricci – Olivia Putman

Nina Ricci – L’Air du Temps Collector’s Bottle

A pure and luminous fragrance that holds the seductive and bewitching attractions of femininity, held in a bottle with sensual volutes and exquisite curves.

Perfume from mothers to daughters, from daughters to women, L’Air du Temps is a happiness we inherit, an object we share, a trail that is passed on. At the first scent, his whisper takes place in the memories. The emotion is intact: the dazzling of a powerfully simple accord, in which the disturbing and peppery warmth of the carnation is found like a breath of spring.

The rise of its volutes recalls the spring rays and the happy fullness. Its feminine and harmonious curves, crowned with two doves flapping their wings, evoke a joyful whirlwind. The L’Air du Temps bottle is a unique, precious and familiar object. A narrative sculpture, an expression of the purity and freedom that presided over its creation.

Sa composition est un hommage aux fleurs. Cet accord printanier, ardent et somptueux d’une brassée de fleurs,traversé par la senteur poivrée de l’œillet mignardise, est inédit dans l’histoire de la haute parfumerie.Un jardin révolutionnaire et le premier floral épicé de l’histoire de la parfumerie que l’on doit au visionnaire Francis Fabron.

Une senteur fougueusement protégée, restée inchangée depuis sa naissance.

Parfums Femme

Famille olfactive : Floral – Épicé.


Note de tête : Bergamote, Bois de Rose, Œillet.


Note de cœur : Jasmin, Rose, Violette Fleur, Iris.


Note de fond : Bois de Cèdre, Santal, Musc, Ambre Gris.

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