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Lanvin – Eclat d’Arpège Arty

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Lanvin - Eclat d'Arpège Arty
Lanvin – Eclat d’Arpège Arty

The heir to an iconic fragrance. Modernity renewed with a refined composition. A lineage that weaves an invisible link from the origins of the Lanvin house to the fragrance of today …

Eclat d’Arpège Arty

From Arpège to Éclat d’Arpège, a legacy of grace

Created in 1927 by Jeanne Lanvin for her daughter Marie-Blanche, Arpège replays the founding myth of the fashion house, itself born from the collections imagined by the mother for her child. Seventy-five years after Arpège, Éclat d’Arpège follows in the wake of this now legendary fragrance and in turn declines the universal motif of filiation, concentrated in the history of the house and the ultimate embodiment of the Lanvin spirit. From the aldehyde composition of Arpège, where rose and jasmine stand out in majesty, from its bottle that has become a signature, Éclat d’Arpège retains the dominant floral character, the unique design and modernity. An olfactory talisman, passed on as a pledge of happiness and elegance.

A luminous accord

Orchestrated by Jeanne Lanvin, the composition of Arpège translates with virtuosity the LANVIN imprint. Adopting in turn the party of modernity, Éclat d’Arpège, composed by perfumer Karine Dubreuil, modulates the personality of its elder in contemporary terms. Its transparency gives it a cheerful, pure and tender tone. That of a large bouquet of spring flowers exhaling their scents under a fine morning dew.

Lanvin - Eclat d'Arpège Arty
Lanvin – Eclat d’Arpège Arty

As a prelude to this symphony of floral notes, the tangy freshness of Sicilian lemon leaves emanates. Then the olfactory melody unfolds crescendo, with the limpid and pure accords of lilac, wisteria and peony, restored in the delicacy of their petals. Released by the elegance of green tea leaves, this harmony is muted by the silky sensuality of white musks and cedar.

Spontaneous, joyful and discreet, the subtle melody of Éclat d’Arpège has a captivating remanence, like these musical compositions whose motif is lastingly embedded in people’s minds.

A clean design

Declined from the Arpège ball bottle, designed by Rateau, that of Éclat d’Arpège takes its famous rounded shape but substitutes for its dress, an opaque and elegant black, a crystalline transparency that reveals the delicate lilac color of the juice. .

Lanvin - Eclat d'Arpège
Lanvin – Eclat d’Arpège

Created by designer Paul Iribe, it is adorned with the same golden pattern as its elder, an Art Deco representation of Jeanne and her daughter going to the ball. Closed by a silver stopper topped with a cut stone, its silhouette takes on a romantic allure. Around the collar, two interlaced gold rings echo the original motif of the fragrance, consecrating the bond between two beings in tune with each other. The box in which the bottle is housed plays on the same effects of transparency, thanks to a translucent case with assumed modernity. Featured inside, the bottle is displayed like a sculpture on its pedestal.

A communication of understated elegance

Parma background with sober femininity, immaculate white frame, graphic shapes… The campaign visual is faithful to the universe of Éclat d’Arpège as sketched out the fragrance. Fresh and pure, the young woman Éclat d’Arpège makes its appearance, naturally elegant. Both mischievous and imbued with serenity, she quietly imposes her dazzling presence.

Variations on the same theme: LOVE LOVE LOVE

Éclat d’Arpège’s minimalist chic aesthetic lends itself ideally to the exercise of variation. Revisiting the original bottle without transforming the fragrance, a series of limited editions that have become collectors have fun highlighting each of the facets of the original in turn, in a saga that plays with the flagship motifs of Éclat d’Arpège.

Summer (2007) emphasizes the summery gaiety of the juice with an azure bottle strewn with bows, carrying a bag charm with multicolored ribbons. Entered on the scene in 2009, Musique plays him on the melodic vein of Éclat d’Arpège, with a peach juice in a bottle surrounded by notes and staves, where we find the jewel of a bag with ribbons, in shades this sunny times. In 2011, the elegance of Éclat d’Arpège was showcased with Pearl, whose bottle adorned with iridescent lilac bears two pearls held in place by a link, like a pendant. Gourmandise (2012) makes all the flavors of the fragrance sparkle, staged in a farandole of candies and pink macaroons that surround the bottle, like Summer’s knots and notes of Music.

Enfin, Pretty face prend les traits d’un minois, dessin original d’Alber Elbaz, directeur artistique de Lanvin. On retrouve le motif phare du nœud sous la forme d’un ruban violet noué autour du col.

A travers cette saga pleine de surprises, où les thèmes du lien et de l’amour sont omniprésents, c’est le même portrait qui se dessine. Allégresse estivale, envolée musicale, éclat précieux des perles, gourmandise raffinée ou clin d’œil mutin : autant d’ingrédients qui composent la personnalité d’Éclat d’Arpège, comme les  mouvements d’une même symphonie.

Parfums Femme

Famille Olfactive : Floral – Fruité

Notes de Tête : Feuilles de Citron, Lilas.

Notes de Coeur : Glycine, Feuilles de Thé Vert, Fleurs de Pêcher, Pivoine.

Notes de Fond : Cèdre, Muscs, Ambre.

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