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Kenzo – Flower by Kenzo Summer 2013

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Kenzo - Flower by Kenzo Summer

Discover the new Flower by Kenzo Summer fragrance …

Flower by Kenzo Summer

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the time of colors.

The poppy is enlivened in a new version: a sparkling and luminous summer water.

The fragrance is light, floral and fruity. Mandarin, ginger and lychee joke at the top. Violet, freesia and white musks are revealed in the heart, like a gentle caress.

In a technological and urban world, the flower is the essential link between nature.

Odorless in essence, Kenzo invented the scent of the poppy. A powdery floral signature, unique and timeless.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory Family: Floral – Fruity

Top Notes: Mandarin, ginger, lychee

Heart Notes: Violet, freesia, white musks

Base notes: Cedar

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