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Jean Paul Gaultier – Classic Betty Boop

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Jean Paul Gaultier - Classic Betty Boop
Jean Paul Gaultier – Classic Betty Boop

Classic Betty Boop, the summer sensuality of Jean-Paul Gaultier

Very recently, the Jean-Paul Gaultier brand was taken over by the PUIG cosmetics group. Also, who says redemption means a change in strategy. The group has already announced that it wants to refocus on the brand’s most emblematic products, in this case Classic and Male, the brand’s two cult fragrances. It is therefore in this context that a brand new fragrance variation will emerge within a few weeks. Classique Betty Boop is touted as a summer adaptation of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Classique women’s fragrance. As its name suggests, this one will have for theme one of the most famous pin-ups of American animated films.

The new muse of Jean-Paul Gaultier

For the moment, no advertising campaign has filtered on this new perfume. We can only assume that it will be a question of playing the very famous Betty Boop. Communication for this new essence then promises to be particularly sensual. Indeed, Betty Boop is none other than a brunette, seductive and sensual pin-up who was drawn in the 30s by Max Fleischer. This one was reminiscent of the very famous Marilyn Monroe. She is now perceived as a sex symbol of the golden age of American animation, which earned her to be censored at the time of her release because of her too short and provocative skirt. . However, if no visual of the future campaign for Classic Betty Boop has yet filtered, we already know who will be in charge of lending his face to this essence. Indeed, the brand new muse of Jean-Paul Gaultier is none other than Daphné Groeneveld, a Dutch top model. It already appears on your screens in an advertisement for the Classic perfume. It remains to discover what will be her range of actress as an American pin-up of the 1930s.

La fraîche sensualité du Classique Betty Boop

Regarding the perfume itself, Classique Betty Boop is a tender and explosive juice. It immediately displays all its extravagance with a biting scent of lemon sorbet. In addition, its sensuality is immediately visible thanks to ginger coupled with a cane juice releasing slight aromas of rum. Then, Classique Betty Boop evolves into a typically summer scent. This one is full of tiare flower, jasmine and orange blossom. These three ingredients give the whole a strong dose of luminosity combined with powdery and opulent tones. Then, it all ends with a sensation of exquisite warmth combining labdanum, vanilla and musk. The animal nature of these raw materials then makes Classique Betty Boop a highly sensual fragrance. Everything is contained in the iconic bust-shaped bottle of Jean-Paul Gaultier. This one displays a sublime silhouette and a particularly feminine rosy complexion. For the occasion, it is embellished with an illustration of Betty Boop. The pin-up is then dressed in a pink corset with conical breasts, one of the centerpieces of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s dressing room. Classic Betty Boop is a perfect compromise between the retro aspect of the cartoon and the very contemporary spirit of the brand. It alone expresses all the boldness and creativity of designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. Classic Betty Boop is a perfect compromise between the retro aspect of the cartoon and the very contemporary spirit of the brand. It alone expresses all the boldness and creativity of designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. Classic Betty Boop is a perfect compromise between the retro aspect of the cartoon and the very contemporary spirit of the brand. It alone expresses all the boldness and creativity of designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.

The year 2016 marks the beginning of a renewal for the Jean-Paul Gaultier brand. Indeed, the latter has just been taken over by the PUIG group. He then announced his desire to refocus on the brand’s flagship products such as Le Mâle or le Classique . Also, it is indeed these products that will be in the spotlight this summer.

Indeed, Jean-Paul Gaultier has just unveiled his next summer limited editions. Also, the female version of these juices already promises to be particularly sensual and sexy. Get ready to welcome a brand new olfactory pin-up: Classic Betty Boop will appear very soon.

Classic Betty Boop, a contrasting scent

The new Classic Betty Boop will perfectly match what you would expect from a summer fragrance. In other words, it will want to be particularly fresh. However, that will not lead to less impertinence for all that. After all, we should not deviate too much from the audacity that we know of Jean-Paul Gaultier! The brand then developed a floral and oriental fragrance. It will start with a biting lemon scent. This will then be associated with a particularly sensual ingredient: ginger. The cane juice, meanwhile, will enhance this flight with a light sweetness reminiscent of rum scents.

Classic Betty Boop promises to be particularly stunning. Then, its scent will evolve towards the exoticism of the tiare flower, an ideal ingredient to evoke summer. Orange blossom, for its part, will be worked in a very luminous way while jasmine will assert its more powdery side and its opulence. Finally, Classic Betty Boop will display its more animal side in its background. This will be full of ladbanum and musk. Vanilla will then help to bind everything together with a touch of exoticism. This scent is already advertised as being explosive and tender, extravagant and sexy. He thus promises to seduce anyone who crosses his path.

The creativity of Jean-Paul Gaultier

Bien entendu, ce nouveau parfum sera contenu dans l’emblématique flacon de Jean-Paul Gaultier en forme de buste féminin. Celui-ci est présent depuis la création de ce parfum et s’inspire des mannequins des ateliers de couture. Il affiche une silhouette parfaite et en deviendrait presque une sorte d’idéal à atteindre. Son verre dépoli sera cette fois agrémenté de l’emblématique Betty Boop. La starlette américaine des années 30 sera quant à elle vêtue d’un corset rose pâle semblable à celui qu’avait Madonna lors de sa tournée Blond Ambition Tour de 1990. Pour ceux qui ne s’en souviendraient pas, le moins que l’on puisse dire était que cette tenue était particulièrement érotique et futuriste. Enfin, côté publicité, c’est la nouvelle égérie de la brand qui sera chargée d’incarner le visage du nouveau Classique Betty Boop. Celle-ci n’est autre que le mannequin néerlandais Daphné Groeneveld. Néanmoins, le nouveau spot télévisuelle pour cette fragrance déjà culte n’a pas encore vu le jour. Il vous faudra faire preuve d’encore un peu de patience pour découvrir tout le sex-appeal de la jolie blonde.

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