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Clinique – Smart Custom Repairing Eye Care

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Customized Repairing Treatment Clinique Smart
Customized Repairing Treatment Clinique Smart

Discover a concentrate of repairing active ingredient to treat one of the most sensitive and most stressed areas of our skin: the eye area

Smart Custom Repairing Eye Care

Buy Clinique’s Custom Smart Eye Repairing Care at the best price on Fragrenza Perfumes.

Resulting from clinical laboratory research, it provides cutting-edge treatment to correct the signs of aging in the area around the eye. It visibly reduces 4 major signs of aging around the eye area: wrinkles and fine lines of crow’s feet, loss of firmness, sagging eyelids, dark circles, skin texture.

After each use of your Eye Contour Serum, the skin is firmed, fine lines as well as crow’s feet are reduced, the eye contour is rested, thanks to its ultra-concentrated formula in hydrating active ingredients. We know that the loss of hydration in your skin is a major factor in premature skin aging. Thus, Smart Eye Care is composed of a combination of moisturizing and soothing ingredients.

You will inevitably be seduced by its gel-cream texture with a non-greasy finish. You can use it morning and evening on the area around the eye as well as on the eyelids with light tapping. One pressure for both eyes is enough.

Find it at the best price at our online skincare partner: Clinique Smart – Fragrenza Perfumes as well as all the other products of the Clinique brand .

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