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ClarinsMen – Hydrating Face Care Set

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ClarinsMen - The Indispensables ClarinsMen Set
ClarinsMen – The Indispensables ClarinsMen Set

Discover the new Christmas 2012 Face Care set for Men from Clarins

Moisturizing Face Care Set

Buy the Clarins Moisturizing Face Care Set inexpensively on Fragrenza Perfumes.

The Hydrating Face Care Set contains:

  • a ClarinsMen Super Moisturizing Balm 50ml
  • a ClarinsMen Face Cleanser 125ml
  • ClarinsMen Ideal Shaving Foam 50ml
  • a ClarinsMen Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum 10ml
  • a ClarinsMen Facial Defatigant 5ml
  • unVanity.

The energy of nature in a line specially formulated to take care of men’s faces.

Find it at the best price with our care partner: Moisturizing Face Care Set Fragrenza Perfumes as well as all ClarinsMen brand products .

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