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Chanel’s new Rouge Allure Ink collection

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Chanel's new Rouge Allure Ink collection
Chanel’s new Rouge Allure Ink collection

Red is one of the primary colors. Nevertheless, it is also a fundamental shade for the Chanel brand. The brand sees much more than just color. Red embodies for her a powerful vocabulary, a sign of daring, sensuality and provocation. Red allows you to display your femininity and show yourself in its most sulphurous aspect. This is why Chanel has developed the first all-red make-up collection: “ Rouge Allure Ink is now arming women with new power”.

Chanel’s highly anticipated collection

If Lucia Pica took the post of artistic director of the Chanel makeup line in 2014, the Rouge Allure Ink collection is her first creation. This arrives in the fall of 2016 and follows years of waiting.

Nevertheless, it seems that patience has paid off here because Chanel gives us an extraordinary make-up blend. The brand has thus engaged in an unprecedented exercise, declining all its make-up products in shades of red, a strong and emblematic color of the house of Chanel. Lucia Pica explained her choice as follows: “I love red, just like Coco Chanel, and it is the color that the face takes on when you are moved: it is natural, innate to the skin. This is how Rouge Allure Ink was born. This is embellished with several products. Thus, the lipstick degrades from pale undertones to darker tones. Likewise, red makes its appearance in eye shadows as well as in mascara or blush. Yes, you are not dreaming, even the mascara has taken this shade for an extraordinary rendering! Lucia Pica adds that for her it was a question of “creating a complete range, wearing the color red as a liner, on the eyelids and even on the eyelashes.

Boldness is there and this new Rouge Allure Ink collection is a real challenge for the brand. Nevertheless, it should be noted that Chanel’s expertise in terms of skincare is still there and that each of the Rouge Allure Ink products is embellished with numerous active ingredients that at the same time help to take care of the skin day after day.

Rouge Allure Ink, a collection worn by Kristen Stewart

Although the idea of ​​Omnipresent Rouge may be scary at first and seem a bit eccentric, it is clear that the look created is absolutely attractive if we are to believe the images of the advertising campaign for the Rouge Allure Ink collection. The latter unveil the portrait of Kristen Stewart. Her face here seems totally transformed, both powerful and subtle.

The concept is particularly interesting and gives us a complete look unlike any other. In addition, note that this collaboration between the actress and Chanel is not a first. Kristen Stewart has been working with Chanel since 2013. Nevertheless, it appears here more daring than ever and it is clear that it suits her perfectly.

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