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CHANEL sophistication with Allure

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CHANEL sophistication with Allure
CHANEL sophistication with Allure

Allure, all the elegance of Chanel in a perfume

Allure is an authentic and charismatic fragrance. In addition, it fits perfectly with Gabrielle Chanel’s definition of elegance. He imposes his own style, going beyond fashions. It symbolizes a silhouette devoid of artifice and reveals all its sensuality through its refined, flowery, fresh and oriental scents.

Allure, a concept in its own right

Chanel is more than a luxury brand. It embodies a state of mind. It evokes elegance and the art of being yourself. According to Gabrielle Chanel, Allure is what makes a woman unforgettable. It goes way beyond his style. In addition, the Allure does not depend on the outfit but on the person himself, whether he is wearing a suit or jeans, black or colors. Allure is unique. It is a mysterious notion that Chanel masters to perfection. Also, the brand decided to make it a perfume in 1996. It then portrays the image of a simple, glamorous, discreet and refined woman.

The refinement of Chanel

Allure is a very sophisticated fragrance. With it, there is no traditional evolution from the top notes to the base notes. In reality, Allure is made up of six facets that respond to each other. The first is fresh and biting. It is especially full of Calabrian citron. Another is fruity and consists of Sicilian mandarin. Likewise, floral tones make the whole look very feminine and timeless. The latter are especially full of jasmine. However, another floral facet revolves more around the scent of water lily, magnolia and honeysuckle. Vetiver, on the other hand, releases woody scents. Finally, Allure’s oriental sensuality shines through with bourbon vanilla. Here is a very complex perfume which only reveals the multiple facets of the woman who wears it.

Allure is a fragrance from Chanel bringing together multiple olfactory facets. He manages to freely combine freshness, sensuality and romanticism. Like each of Chanel’s creations, this one is unique and different on each woman.

The Allure of Chanel

When we talk about Allure, we do not immediately think of perfume . Indeed, it rather refers to a style and a very natural elegance. Allure corresponds to a behavior and a simplicity in the art of being oneself. This is what makes us naturally irresistible no matter what outfit we wear. It is said of a woman that she has Allure when she seems to have found a perfect harmony between her attitude and her clothes. So this is precisely what it is about with this perfume. This one is in the image of the fashion of Chanel. It is elegant and begging to be worn on a comfortable, glamorous and refined body.

The sophisticated freshness of Allure fragrance

Allure is a very energizing and refined essence. Its composition is worked in a particularly original way. Indeed, it revolves around six olfactory facets which overlap each other. On the one hand, Allure is particularly fresh. In particular, it contains a good dose of Calabrian citron. But, it is also very fruity and almost greedy. This aspect is worked around the Sicilian mandarin. Its more floral side, meanwhile, comes from Egyptian jasmine, magnolia and water lily. Vetiver, on the other hand, brings a more woody aspect while bourbon vanilla releases its particularly sensual oriental scents. Everything is then contained in a very classic bottle. This one perfectly respects the codes of Chanel. Its silhouette is slender and its limpid glass gives a glimpse of the flesh color of its juice very reminiscent of a woman’s skin. Finally, as a sign of extreme refinement, it is adorned with a golden ring engraved with the name of Chanel.

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