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Cacharel – Amor Amor Temptation Eau de Parfum

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Cacharel - Amor Amor Temptation Eau de Parfum
Cacharel – Amor Amor Temptation Eau de Parfum

Launched as a duet with a masculine, Amor Amor Tentation by Cacharel is a more assertive love ritual: the innocent sensuality of the first hours becomes more fiery here.

Amor Amor Tentation, the story of a couple who confront each other in a game of seduction without rules. They attract, repel each other the better to succumb to each other.

She… a girl who becomes a woman, a seductress… He, open to meeting, is the object of her desire… Amor Amor Temptation… to be ready, to throw a magnetic gaze, to master the moment. The fantasy of desiring … and of being the object of desire.

Built on a play of similarities and divergences, these two fragrances have a common DNA around a fusional and mischievous structure, the formula of temptation: mandarin – jasmine – Chinese cedar.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory family: Oriental – Woody

Head note: Mandarin, Ivy.

Heart note: Jasmine, Tiare flower.

Base note : Cedar, Spicy Note, Vanilla.

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