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Boss The Scent For her Absolute, BOSS’s new ode to femininity

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Boss The Scent For her Absolute, BOSS's new ode to femininity
Boss The Scent For her Absolute, BOSS’s new ode to femininity

Boss The Scent For her Absolute

After the incredible success of Boss The Scent for men in 2015, the house of Hugo Boss launched into a feminine and equally carnal version with Boss The scent for Her in 2016. As hot and sensual as its alter ego Boss The scent For her who bewitched us with its charms, which is moreover carried by equally charming ambassadors. In 2019, Boss The Scent For Her Absolute intends to make us waver just as much with its honeyed fruits between sensuality and absolute femininity.

The Femininity and Grace of Boss The Scent For Her Absolute

Presented in a highly carnal campaign led by Anna Ewers and Théo James, Boss The Scent For her already had it all. And when we discovered its composition between peach, osmanthus and freesia flowers all wrapped in a melting cocoa, the addiction was such that Boss the Scent For her quickly obtained the same success as his sublime male alter ego.

“Attraction, seduction, addiction… In line with the ultra-feminine creative vision of Jason Wu, artistic director of Boss Women ready-to-wear, the brand is launching a brand new eau de Perfume, each emanation of which is the reflection of a stage of amorous conquest. Vogue about The Scent For Her Boss.

Today the ambassadors of Boss The Scent have changed, it is now Jamie Dornan and Birgit Kos who embody the Boss The Scent couple on the screen, yet from its felted and singular campaign to its various bottles, Boss the Scent For Her continues to dazzle us. In 2018, moreover, Boss The Scent For Her Private Accord composed by Louise Turner displayed a new coffee accord which also offered her a splendid new path for you to discover … And it will be done in 2019 with Boss The Scent For her Absolute which will decline this coffee accord by making it become the star of the fragrance and by making us almost forget the flowers of yesteryear, so much its burning gluttony is tasted with pleasure …

Boss The scent For Absolute between delicacies and coffee …

We do not know who is the perfumer who composed the previous opuses of Boss the Scent for Her, on the other hand it is the perfumer Louise Turner who made the coffee part of the composition of Boss The Scent For Her Private Accord in 2018. And even though we don’t have any certainties yet, it could well be that this talented perfumer who decided to make him become the star of Boss The Scent For Her Absolute by removing the flowers, beautiful audacity for a feminine perfume!

Boss The Scent For her Absolute will however always open up with the velvety sweetness of peach which this time will be coated with a creamy and warm honey. A warmth that will find an echo in the hot heart of coffee that is both greedy and very sensual. Then in the depths, the original cocoa will be replaced in this Boss the Scent for her Absolute by notes of vanilla and vetiver offering additional warmth to this beautiful feminine so carnal …

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