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Biotherm – Water

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Biotherm Water
Biotherm Water

Biotherm launches a new energizing fragrance associated with the legendary Body Milk with citrus essences

Biotherm Water

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“Water, the energizing fragrance of Body Milk”

L’Eau is the latest addition to the Biotherm body fragrance series. It follows on from L’Eau Vitaminée, L’Eau Fraîche, L’Eau Pure.

Water is a real cascade of citrus fruits with energizing properties.

Biotherm Pub L'Eau
Biotherm Pub L’Eau

L’Eau allows you to sublimate the fragrance of the essential Biotherm Body Lotion. Water is a blend of freshness, energy and dynamism. Let yourself be carried away by the sparkling freshness of the top notes of the perfume: Essences of Bergamot, Orange, and Mandarin. The heart will provide you with the energy you need for your day thanks to the Essences of Ginger, Elemi, and notes of Freesia. The base of the perfume will be woody for an optimal hold we find Essences of Cedar, Musk.

Olfactory Family: Hesperides

Top notes: Essences of Bergamot, Orange, Mandarin.

Middle notes : Essences of Ginger, Elemi, notes of Freesia.

Base notes: Cedarwood, Musk

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