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Biotherm – Blue Therapy

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Biotherm - Blue Therapy Serum

For the start of the 2012 school year, Biotherm is launching its Blue Therapy range consisting of a serum and a cream.

Only 20% of the signs of aging are inevitable. You can take action on the rest. Wrinkles – Spots – Firmness. Repair years of accumulated damage in 4 weeks.

Blue Therapy Serum

Buy Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum at a low price on Fragrenza Perfumes.

Repair and Reveal.

Over-concentrated, visibly repairs accumulated damage to reveal naturally young skin in 4 weeks.

Wrinkles – Spots – Firmness

The serum is available in bottles of 30 and 50 ml.

Biotherm - Blue Therapy Cream
Biotherm – Blue Therapy Cream

Blue Therapy Cream

Buy Biotherm Blue Therapy cream inexpensively on Fragrenza Perfumes.

Treat and Protect. Protects the skin from external aggressions thanks to an optimized anti-UVA anti-UVB protection.

Wrinkles – Spots – Firmness – SPF / PPD 15

The cream is available in a 50 ml jar for dry skin or normal to combination skin.

Blue Therapy Range Compilation

At the heart of 3 waters of the planet:
– Klamath Lake, Oregon USA.
– Waters of the Atlantic coasts, Brittany.
– Thermal springs of Molitg les Bains, Pyrenees: Pure Thermal Plankton, Biotherm star active ingredient with soothing and regenerating power.

Blue Therapy Pub

Patented synergy of 2 ancestral algae:
– A. Flos AQUAE: microalgae existing for more than 3 billion years capable of self-regeneration.
Boosts cell renewal: SPOTS + WRINKLES.
– L. Ochroleuca: macro-algae capable of strengthening its cellular suctrure in record time. Acts on the skin’s support matrix: FIRM.

Exceptional clinical results:
After 4 weeks *:
– Reduced wrinkles: -26%
Reduced spots: -25%
– Firmer skin: + 29%

Effective even on skin exposed to the sun and to cigarettes.
* Clinical test carried out on 50 women over 4 weeks.

Precious and ultra-sensory texture:
– penetrates quickly
– leaves the skin soft and radiant
– skin perfecting
immediate tightening effect – sophisticated perfume

8 women / 10 intend to buy blue therapy *
* Consumer test carried out on 130 women for 4 weeks

Find them at the best price at our skincare partner: Blue Therapy – Fragrenza Perfumes as well as all products from the Biotherm brand .

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